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When it comes to Pipe, Fittings, Flanges & Hangers, Stritt & Priebe has exactly what you need! We have pipe in all schedules, seamless & stainless. Our fittings & flanges come in multiple pressure classes. (See below) We offer a complete line of pipe hangers, pipe supports and related items for all your applications.


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  • Large inventory from 1/8" to 24" pipe & fittings
  • MTRs are available on all materials
  • Ability to put part numbers on your products
  • Custom fabrication
  • Commitment to quality & excellent customer service
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on ANY product!

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All Schedules Pipe Schedule  pipe_-_variety_small.jpg
A120-CW ASTM spec A120
A53F ASTM spec A53
A53B-ERW ASTM spec A53
A106B Seamless ASTM A106B
 lightbulb.gif Entire ASTM Specs



Threaded Pressure Classes
Forged Carbon Steel 2000#, 3000#, 6000#
Alloy 150#, 3000#, 6000#
Malleable Iron 150#, 300#
Cast Iron 125#, 250#
Brass 125#, 250#
Stainless Steel 150#, 3000#, 6000#
Socket Weld
Pressure Classes
Forged Carbon Steel 2000#, 3000#, 6000#
Alloy 3000#, 6000#
Stainless Steel 3000#, 6000#
Butt Weld
Pressure Classes
Stainless Steel See pipe schedule
Carbon Steel See pipe schedule
Pressure Classes
Cast Iron 125#, 250#



All Flanges have the Pressure Classes 150#, 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500#

Slip On flanges.jpg
Weld Neck
Socket Weld

Hangers, Pipe Supports & Bracketscp_photo_service_r9_c1.jpg

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