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Monday - Friday: 7:00 am to 4:30 pm

Available 24/7 for Emergency Parts & Products

595 Hague St.
Rochester, NY 14606

Phone: 585-546-4656
Toll Free: 800-295-0000
Fax Sales: 585-546-5741
Fax Admin: 585-546-2005



With VJ Stanley being owned by Bill Victor & Joel Scott, owners of Buffalo's PVF powerhouse Stritt & Priebe, Inc., VJ's impact has doubled! All the Outside Salesmen are representing both companies at this time. Download the Contact list now!

Outside Sales Force


Direct Dial: 585-770-2615
Cell: 585-729-5071


Direct Dial: 716-312-7728
Cell: 716-597-8949

Direct Dial: 585-770-2632
Cell: 716-420-5473

Direct Dial: 716-312-7732
Cell: 716-799-7140

Direct Dial: 716-312-7736
Cell: 585-202-1726

Direct Dial: 585-770-2635
Cell: 585-409-5124

Direct Dial: 716-312-7720
Cell: 716-983-8704

Direct Dial: 716-312-7739
Cell: 716-545-2123

Direct Dial: 716-312-7730
Cell: 716-983-8699

Sales Engineer, WNY

Direct Dial: 716-312-7721
Cell: 716-583-1588

 Ohio & Western PA

Charlie Richards

Cell: 216-513-4436

Inside Sales Force 

Sales Manager

Direct Dial: 585-770-2602

 Counter Sales

Direct Dial: 585-770-2623

Direct Dial: 585-770-2603

Direct Dial: 585-770-2630

 General Manager

Christine Lavelle

Main Line: 585-546-4656

VJ Stanley's Estimation department can help with your upcoming project. From quoting projects from the Builder's Exchange, to design-build and private projects, our Estimation department is equipped to assist you with all your project quotation needs, meeting your specifications at a great price.

Jim Pellegrino

Tony Prinz

Steve Smith

Carl Colotti, Consultant

Direct Dial: 716-312-7736
Cell: 585-202-1726

Direct Dial: 585-770-2635
Cell: 585-409-5124

Direct Dial: 716-312-7721
Cell:  716-583-1588

Direct Dial: 585-770-2628

Accounting Manager

Christine Sullivan

Main Line: 585-546-4656

Service Manager

Main LIne: 585-546-4656

Warehouse Manager

Main Line: 585-546-4656



Encounter Our Counter!  

There are so many reasons to come in to VJ Stanley's 595 Hague St., Rochester, NY location! Step up to our counter for parts, advice & even a smiling face.

Tim_Lewis.JPGTim Lewis has been with us for about 40 years and is the expert parts guy for A.O.Smith, Burnham, Watts, Lochinvar and Powers. He is also familiar with over 30 years’ worth of water heaters and boilers.

Dominic_Marafioti.JPGDominic Marafioti has over 30 years of counter experience and knows replacement gas valves & ignitions systems as well as anyone behind a counter. He is expert in Conbraco, Apollo & Watts regulators & backflow preventers and their repair parts.

Jim_Hovey.JPGJim Hovey has been with us for about 20 years and is the pump specialist. He can do new & replacement pump sizing; crossover pumps from other manufacturers to Armstrong or Grundfos; and find replacement parts from Armstrong to fit & upgrade many old B&G pumps.  He is familiar with Armstrong pump construction & seal usage and knows the right parts for your repair.

All the counter personnel are backed up by Inside Sales Manager Tom Hendrick,Tom_Hendrick.JPG with over 30 years with us. His expert knowledge of  substitutions for obsolete & non-current models of water heaters and boilers is a great value.  


The counter is also supported by the knowledge of the VJ Stanley Service Department, with over 100 years of combined service experience in the hydronic & commercial water heating business. We have the installation, repair & replacement knowledge to help our customers from the purchase phase right thru the whole service life of the equipment. Come in or call today!

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“The VJ Stanley pump seminar is good for both the experienced and inexperienced guys. It allows them to see the whole picture of why we have failures and what needs to be done to correct the problems we encounter every day. We would like to get more training thru VJ Stanley!”

Terry Justinger

Mechanical Equipment/Refrigeration/Sheet-Metal

SUNY @ Buffalo